Going Home:  A Solo Voyage through North America by Spike Hampson
471 pages  /  1 map  /  20 photos

     After building a small boat  in the mountains of Utah, Spike Hampson launched her on a small river in Wyoming and voyaged across the country to the east coast.  He used rivers and lakes to get there and eventually ended up in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  After 4000 miles on inland waterways and 1000 miles on the open ocean, he reached Prince Edward Island in Maritime Canada.  After storing his boat there, he bicycled hundreds of miles southward through Nova Scotia and Maine to reach to reach his childhood home in New Hampshire, a place to which he had not returned for many decades.

     This is the story of his adventure, a travel book of a different kind.  The things along the way, the people who volunteer to help out, the problems that have to be solved, the thoughts and ideas that come from being so much alone--these are the themes of the book.  And Spike writes about them in bemused understatement--the tone and attitude of an older and more thoughtful sort of adventurer.  
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     "I am stretched out: face down and winded, my chest rides on the front edge of the driver’s seat and my back wedges against the steering wheel.  Hips and legs protrude out into the passageway and, lacking any sort of stable objects of resistance, float and flail in hopelessness.  In my right hand is the final two feet of the fuel filler hose, the end of which must somehow be worked onto the below-deck extension of the fuel filler fitting."
North Channel

     Thus begins the saga of Kobuk, the little boat that wouldn't give up.  Come with Spike as he makes the sort of voyage that most of us never get to do.  Find out what it is like to throw away everything for a dream and leave behind the cares of the world.