Mexico, 2008
Map of Mexico Trip in 2008
A Writing Retreat

In the fall of 2004, a six-week to drive down the west coast of Mexico in an old Subaru got me as far south as San Blas.  It was a leisurely trip with extended stays in Alamos, el Fuerte, San Blas and Mazatlan.  The experience inspired a mystery novel set in Utah and el Fuerte.  By the end of the trip, there were over 50,000 words of manuscript and the story was two thirds told.  But then the project came to a standstill and years went by.

The only way to finish the book was to return to Mexico, so in January of 2008 a flight into Benito Juarez Airport and a ride on the subway put me in the heart of Mexico City where I remained for the better part of a week.  Eventually, I moved on to the picturesque mountain town of Taxco, and then to the coastal resort of Zihuatenejo, spending about a week in each of those places.  The story was finished by setting a daily writing quota and then rewarding myself with a little sightseeing whenever the quota was reached.  The photos are a record of how this free time was spent.

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